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Arcane Realms 1.14 Update - Release Notes


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Dec 24, 2018
Hey everyone, this is where I will be posting any update notes from now on. Minecraft 1.14 will be a very big update for us, as we are adding tons of new features to the server, updating and refreshing our current features as well as some improvements to everything. This is our first major update, and I wanted to make it a good one. Having only recently updated to 1.13, I decided on a full reset of the server, with new everything. New worlds, new features, new staff. All of that and more arrived to this update, and the staff team are excited for this release! Anyway, beneath is the update notes for each server.

This server by far had the most effort put into it. I have really put in the work to make this server unique, fun and different, as well as challenging to play on, all while staying lag free. It's been hard to do but I pulled through and got it all done. Special thanks to the staff for helping me put this together.
  • Removed enchants plugin. (new one will be coming soon!)
  • Removed custom terrain generation! - Now normal default Minecraft terrain to appreciate the wonderful oceanic changes.
  • Added slimefun! - advanced plugin that adds 100s of new items to the game without even needing a texture pack.
  • Added custom bosses!
  • Added new mob killing rewards! - Killstreaks: the more mobs you kill in a row, the more money you get.
  • Changed protection plugins! - /protect menu (all done in menus now, not using confusing commands)
  • Updated the server store! - includes new 1.13 and 1.14 items.
  • Added kits!
  • Added crates!
  • Improved lucky blocks! - Get custom drops from lucky blocks, removed any grief-related lucky blocks.
  • Added automated farming! - Receive an automatic farming tool from a lucky block or crate to automatically farm crops and animals.
  • Added new spawners! - Stack spawners, level them up and even change the mob they spawn using spawn eggs obtainable from crates.
  • Removed chat filter and replaced with a better and newer one!
  • Added more voting rewards! - Gives a little more incentive to support us and get rewarded for doing so.
  • Improved custom mob head drops!
  • Added challenges! Get rewarded for playing: doing tasks may unlock challenges which give you rewards for completing.
  • Improved McMMO features!
  • Added more cosmetics!
  • Added more donator permissions!
  • Added player shops! - Create your own stores to sell your own items. Compete against the server store and create your own shop in spawn!
  • Added ridable mobs! - Ever wanted to sit on a dolphin? Try it, it's pretty fun!
  • Added inventory sorting! - Your inventory can now be sorted automatically to keep itself from cluttering and stay clean!
  • Added rank levelling! Level up yourself by completing tasks on the server.
  • Updated the store! - Added a basement level to get the 1.13 and 1.14 items.
  • Added automated farms! - Get an automatic upgradable farm from a crate in the store to start mining automatically!
  • Fixed the parkour! - Yes, it actually works now. Looks cool too!
  • Added a new island! - You can now choose a different island type when you start. (It's desert themed)
  • Added donator perks! - Donators actually now get cool stuff!
  • Added cosmetics! - Donators can unlock these for free, but members can win them in crates! Enhance your experience by adding custom effects to yourself or your surroundings.
  • Added player heads! - Type /heads to be greeted with a menu where you can buy heads of the online players, or choose from 18,000+ custom heads to decorate your island to your heart's content!
  • Removed leaderboards in spawn. (Yes, I do intend to bring them back if the plugin is updated!)
  • Improved voting rewards!
  • Improved the custom hoppers! - You now have the ability to toggle the block break on your hopper, meaning you can level them up to the top level without them breaking blocks. Helpful for storage.
  • Changed the kits and crates system to be more user friendly.
  • Added ALL kits and crates to the new store!
General Changes:
  • Added a tickets system! - It's now even easier to report things to us staff. Type /ticket in chat to create a ticket.
  • Changed the chat colour plugin we use, because the old one doesn't work any more for 1.14.
  • Removed the creative server from public view. It is no longer stable in 1.14 and we cannot support it any longer.
  • New Spawn! - Thanks to myself, Courtnip, Lauren and some help from Zen, we made a new spawn to celebrate the release. Hope you like it!
  • Improved performance the best I could. it's 1.14, there may be some lag spikes. Sorry, not my fault, I swear! :D
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