Who are we?

Arcane Realms is a small gaming community founded in 2017. For over a year we spent hundreds of hours developing our servers to ensure the best and most enjoyable experience for our beloved players.

Active Community

We have a very active community on all our platforms: Minecraft, Garry's Mod, our Forums and our Discord servers.

Our Discords

Our Discord servers are a place for our community members to relax and socialise with other people from Arcane Realms, be it our staff team or the community members.

Our Servers

Arcane Realms has 99.99% uptime on average, with very little lag. One of our main aims is to make our servers lag-free for our members. If we are doing maintenance, you will always be notified beforehand.

Want to find out more?

The Arcane Realms Community Forums is a place where all of our users can come together and discuss any topics they want to! The Forums offer an extensive range of help and support to ensure you are getting the experience you deserve on any of Arcane Realms' servers. We have a wiki page for the Minecraft server, as well as a support ticket system and our Applications for staff, punishments and content creator roles are all accessible on the Forums. What are you waiting for? Click that button above and get signed up!

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Our Community Administration Team

The Arcane Realms senior staff team are dedicated to making sure Arcane Realms is as great as it can be, and that our members are thoroughly enjoying themselves. They are responsible for any large decisions or the overall development of any of the servers we offer. Each one of the senior staff team has a role to play in the success of Arcane Realms, and they are a fundimental part to the community. Our senior staff members are carefully picked and are passionate about their role in Arcane Realms. They are fast to respond, friendly as well as talented in their position.

Community Manager

Overall Community

Server Manager

Garry's Mod SWRP

Server Manager

Minecraft Network